Making Professional GoPro Videos – The Complete Protune Guide

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You may have wondered what GoPro Protune is capable of once you first heard about it.  Would the fancy software enable you to direct a movie you can call your own? It gets even better once you hear that a guy like David Newman who knows one heck of a lot about engineering software has something to do with it.

How Does Protune Differ from Other Cameras?

Apparently, you get greater control over the image quality of what you captured. All you need to do is increase the data rate from 15MB per second to 35 MB per second.

Now, thanks to the built-in software other users with 24p cameras find GoPro users are just as good as they are at shooting high-quality footage. It goes without saying that the makers of Protune are super happy with what was achieved so far and in making movie makers dreams a reality, using their GoPro’s.

How Do You Use Your Protune Software?

It is super cool that you can use Protune on various GoPro models like the HERO3 Black and Silver and the HERO4.

The crux of the matter is that you can utilize Protune to create high-quality images throughout the production workflow. The primary idea is to turn the ordinary footage into something unique and way more superior than what you would have had.

Key Benefits Offered

Before the invention of Protune, you may have had your hands in your hair in an attempt to improve the overall quality of your images or video footage. How else will people rave about the top quality movie you produced if there is no chance of coming up with good quality footage. After all, you want to be recognized as a director of note. Well, my friend, GoPro Protune is about to change all of this.


Here are some of the advantages of using Protune software:

High-quality images where content creators such as yourself can produce state of the art productions because Protune allows you to capture footage that does not have as many compression issues as you may have experienced before.

Color Correction capabilities let you tinker with various neutral colors and enrich the effects to something you can be extremely proud of. Heck, you can even achieve finer details concerning shadows and highlight particular images thanks to a feature known as log curves.

Frame Rates is another neat feature that enables one to capture footage and fine tune it to cinema standards all through shooting 24p without worrying about fps conversion at any stage. Now we’re talking.

Compatible with other software programs and editing tools. GoPro Protune sets the bar high in that you can pretty much achieve anything with their super cool color correction tools such as GoPro Studio

Besides, which professional camera person wouldn’t want the best possible footage. Whether you’re a surfer, hiker, biker, photographer, or ordinary man in the street, you will benefit from Protune. You may have to curse a little at first to find your way around on how to make the most of it. But, hey that is why the guys over at ProjectGoPro set up numerous tutorials and guidelines to make things easier for everyone. Just head over to ProjectGoPro for a complete GoPro Protune guide.

One of the biggest advantages of using Protune is that you get to increase your bitrate. This is where you’ll switch from standard Video Mode to Protune Mode within seconds. It will, however, depend on the model of the GoPro you are using. In the end, you will have a super high-quality image you can use however you please.

Have you heard of WB (White Balance)? We are sure you have encountered some issues where you have to stare at a blueish background, wishing there was a way to balance it out to reflect a pure white background instead. Luckily, WB sorts it all out for you through automatically altering the background to true white.

The best way to see what Protune can do for you is to get stuck in an experiment to your heart’s content. Then compare what you accomplish with other footage you took before post-Protune. Oh my gosh! You are in for a pleasant surprise and will never look back again. 

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