Resource Guide: Hotel Management Books for Hoteliers

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So you’re a hotelier and you’re looking for books to help manage your hotel. Below, you will find five books that are informative and each one is a must-read. 

The first book you should read is called Contagious by Jonah Berger This novel examines the effectiveness and power of word-to-mouth regarding advertising. The book details the science behind this form of marketing because it’s proven to be successful; in fact, it’s ten times more effective than conventional practices. Contagious contains stories and intriguing research. The book discusses why commercials against drug abuse may have actually contributed to the drug epidemic. John Berger shows you how your product, in this case, your hotel, can gain popularity.

The next book on the list is 100 Tips for Hoteliers: What Every Successful Hotel Needs to Know and Do by Peter Vension. This novel is specifically targeted to hoteliers like you and is a sequel to his previous book, “Hotel Management”. The author discusses management decisions that will help you run a successful business and hotel. You can find a current list of books for hoteliers at

The novel Start with Why by Simon Sinek is also another book that you should consider reading. The author has spoken at TED as a leadership expert. He provides exceptional advice in order to aid readers in finding out the “why” of their company. This stems from the idea that people don’t buy what your brand sells, they buy why your brand sells. 

Be Our Guest: Perfecting the Art of Customer Service by the Disney Institute is a novel centered around Disney. Basically, it discusses how the care of visitors and guests is absolutely essential when they’re staying in or at one of your commercial services. Hospitality is key!

Without Reservations: How a Family Root Beer Stand Grew into a Global Hotel Company by Bill Marriott, Jr. Demonstrates how you can be incredibly successful by starting out small. The author started out with a root beer stand and gradually, he managed it into a hotel called Marriott International.

Reading up on how to properly manage your hotel is one of the best things you can make as a hotel manager. You have a lot to worry about as a hotelier but if you read these novels, you may be able to make some changes that will help you in the future. Essentially, though, these novels discuss how marketing is the basis behind your business and if you want it to grow, you need to learn how to properly sell your brand. …

French style hotel in Normandy—Live in Style

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If one wants to take a break from the routine or monotonous world then the French style hotel in Normandy is the place that one should be. This is the perfect place to have a quick and relaxed holiday. The landscape in Normandy is pleasant green and rolling. From the waves of the English Channel to the green meadows there is a wide range of hotels to choose from. In Normandy there are even the best farmhouses, chic hotels and sea side resorts for the family. There are also the luxury retreats where one can spoil oneself.

Best place to stay in Normandy:

These have been selected by an expert and the hotels range from luxury to budget to boutique hotels.

  • Le Landemer: This is an isolated splendid hotel that has an accommodation that is top class. It has been given a rating of nine on a scale of ten. This hotel is perched right on the sea shore along a strip of sandy beach. The building has been around for a very long time and is set among well shaped lawns and beautiful hydrangea. It has a top class bar, restaurant and free Wi fi. There are ten guest rooms in the hotel with the most modern bathroom fittings.
  • Chateau le Cheneviere: this is a country house hotel that is very peaceful which is surrounded by magnificent trees and beautiful lawns. The chateau is set among walled grounds and well away from the main road. The chateau has thirty well done up rooms and the hotel has a look more of a boutique. The hotel has all the facilities like a swimming pool, tennis court, fitness center and a thirty six hole golf course. Each of the rooms has beautiful designed wall paper having a floral design. The spotless bathrooms have robes provided for the guests and with all the modern bathroom fittings. It has been given a rating of nine on a scale of ten


  • Le Manoir de Retival: this is a beautiful relaxed country house set on the edge of a pretty town in Normandy. This dates back to the eighteenth century but is now a beautiful done restaurant with rooms that are so serene complete with towers, antiques and family paintings. One will be swept off their feet with the staff service. In fact this is a great place for a wedding as there is a chapel close by and also has a ground for the ceremony. Each room has a TV and a DVD player and a whole lot of books. The double rooms have a small garden and the special suite has a lovely fire place. Each room is fitted with most modern bathroom fittings. It has been given a rating of eight on a scale of ten.
  • Le Flaubert: this is a quintessential French hotel near the seaside. It is in walking distance from the town and has its restaurant market and shops. Each room is fitted with comfortable furnishings and each room has large sea view balconies. The bathrooms are capacious and fitted with latest fittings.