Resource Guide: Hotel Management Books for Hoteliers

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So you’re a hotelier and you’re looking for books to help manage your hotel. Below, you will find five books that are informative and each one is a must-read. 

The first book you should read is called Contagious by Jonah Berger This novel examines the effectiveness and power of word-to-mouth regarding advertising. The book details the science behind this form of marketing because it’s proven to be successful; in fact, it’s ten times more effective than conventional practices. Contagious contains stories and intriguing research. The book discusses why commercials against drug abuse may have actually contributed to the drug epidemic. John Berger shows you how your product, in this case, your hotel, can gain popularity.

The next book on the list is 100 Tips for Hoteliers: What Every Successful Hotel Needs to Know and Do by Peter Vension. This novel is specifically targeted to hoteliers like you and is a sequel to his previous book, “Hotel Management”. The author discusses management decisions that will help you run a successful business and hotel. You can find a current list of books for hoteliers at

The novel Start with Why by Simon Sinek is also another book that you should consider reading. The author has spoken at TED as a leadership expert. He provides exceptional advice in order to aid readers in finding out the “why” of their company. This stems from the idea that people don’t buy what your brand sells, they buy why your brand sells. 

Be Our Guest: Perfecting the Art of Customer Service by the Disney Institute is a novel centered around Disney. Basically, it discusses how the care of visitors and guests is absolutely essential when they’re staying in or at one of your commercial services. Hospitality is key!

Without Reservations: How a Family Root Beer Stand Grew into a Global Hotel Company by Bill Marriott, Jr. Demonstrates how you can be incredibly successful by starting out small. The author started out with a root beer stand and gradually, he managed it into a hotel called Marriott International.

Reading up on how to properly manage your hotel is one of the best things you can make as a hotel manager. You have a lot to worry about as a hotelier but if you read these novels, you may be able to make some changes that will help you in the future. Essentially, though, these novels discuss how marketing is the basis behind your business and if you want it to grow, you need to learn how to properly sell your brand. …

Finding a New Ride at Grants Pass Auto Dealers

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Maybe you’re anticipating purchasing a car at Grants Pass Auto Dealers Your gut feeling tells you that you need to make some inquiries first: what amount of money would you be able to spend? On the off chance that you budget is way too low to afford a new car, then you should start looking at used car dealerships like Roe Motors. Why? In light of the fact car companies like these can offer you the vehicle of your choice at a much lower cost. What is more, they understand where you’re coming from and will do their level best to find the car of your dreams.

Used car salespeople? All too often we hear about the stereotypes, and may even have witnessed cases where buyers of used vehicles landed with more troubles than what they bargained for. Some of you may even perceive used car salespersons to be sneaky, underhanded tricksters who are out to sell you a lemon.

Even though in some instances, your suspicions may be well-founded. This is not the case with used car dealerships in Grants Pass. Sure, here and there you may find an individual that may not be all that honorable in their dealings with you. But, on the whole, purchasing used vehicles from Grants Pass car dealerships like Roe Motors will lead to top quality transportation that will last you years to come.

You may have asked yourself the question numerous times – “Why make use of a used car dealership when I can buy new.”

First and foremost, you want to save money. Doing business with reputed car dealerships such as Roe Motors will make you the proud owner of a vehicle that needs very little if any tuning.

Now, that we’ve established that used car dealers offer numerous advantages, what else do they have in store? Another useful aspect worth considering is the fact that they often have discounted offers on cars that only had one owner. These vehicles are often referred to as pre-owned. In retrospect, you can just about find any car you want from dealers like Roe Motors. They specialize in Buick, Cadillac, GMC, and GM cars. What is more, you can select which accessories would appeal to you, so you get a car that is customized to your specific requirements.

used cars of grants pass oregon

Then again, buying your car from a specialized dealer is a lot safer, and your purchase agreement is protected than if you should buy your car from a private seller.

While numerous car dealerships have their own website, all you have to do is head over to ( click here ) where you can knock yourself out by looking at various special deals, get to admire the car pictures they have and read the descriptions. From here, you can just make your selection, book a test ride and enjoy your car. The best part is that you can optimize your search. How so? Just with a single click on the tabs that runs across the top of the page, you get to decide whether you would like to take a peep at new cars, used cars, specials, and even browse the coupons that will give you a discount. What is more, you can choose your budget, and search for a particular brand or model. Then, in a matter of a few seconds, you can look at the available cars that match what you’re looking for.

A word of advice. Before you click away to Roe Motors website, make a few notes first, such as what type of vehicle you are looking for, the kind of accessories that will appeal to you, and the brand you have in mind. Once you’ve answered these questions, try to visualize the ideal automobile, then find list the prices you are prepared to buy. Now, you are ready to go shopping online.

Last, but not least, you need to know that the guys at Roe Motors treat all their customers with TLC. Also, they have an intimate knowledge of the vehicles they are showcasing. Then again, they have all the right contacts in cases where your newly purchased vehicle you got from them is in need of a service or repairs, years down the line.

Why don’t you give them a call on 541-393-2711 today?…

How to Have the Adventure of a Lifetime Shooting with Muzzle Brakes

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The use of muzzle brakes is debatable. Some people will swear by them, while others will let rip of a swear word or two. Still, there’s no doubt that a good brake can reduce recoil up to 45%. Remarkably, the best brakes, when installed professionally, seem to have no adverse effect on accuracy.

Experimenting with Muzzle Brakes: 223 muzzle brake comparison

Accuracy will suffer if the exit hole is too small. In other words, if it is 0.005 inches over the bullet diameter, then accuracy will suffer. On the other hand, accuracy will suffer if the exit hole is over 0.25 inches deep. It is the depth of the exit hole that creates a tube that the bullet must pass through on its way to the target.  Should the depth of the exit hole be too small, then the metal around the hole will erode very quickly. Even though there is not all that much heat and pressure (5000 psi) present at the muzzle, it will fail if there if the metal is too thin or the hole is too small. This is the case as the air tries to pass the bullet, which upsets the flight.

The best accuracy and effectiveness of the brake was obtained with a 0.02-inch bullet diameter.  No measurable reduction in recoil between 0.005 inches and 0.020 inches could be detected. In fact, a measurable change in recoil took place at 0.040 inches over the bullet diameter. The minute the exit hole went over 0.040 inches, the brake began to lose its effectiveness quite quickly.

The Role Holes Play  

The most effective braking was achieved with a 1-inch diameter at the exit hole consisting of a ¾-inch exit hole on each side, which took place just in front of the muzzle. Remarkably, the bullet passes through a cone of 35 degrees before it exits the brake. This is what we call an Incredible reduction of recoil. Some would call it loud and ugly. However, it’s very nice to make use of the muzzle brake as you don’t need a spin fixture or a dividing head. With regards to the individual holes, it makes no difference to the diameter or the amount as long as they are big enough, and there are plenty of scope to bleed off all the gas that is trapped in the brake.

One guy who experimented, build brakes that consist of 1/8 inch Holes and 3/16 inch holes, and they both worked identically. He even tried drilling holes completely randomly which made it look like hell, and he did it in straight patterns and helix patterns.  There was no difference with regards to the accuracy or the reduction. Now he uses a left to right Helix consisting of 3/16 inch holes that are 0.010 inches apart at a 2-degree offset. The brake itself ends at 2 ¾-inches with a ½-inch half thread depth to accommodate an overall extension of the barrel of 2 ¼ inches.

Funny enough, the Helix keeps the brake tight, and it doesn’t need to be indexed at any stage.  This will line up with a barrel if the brake gets indexed.  However, after it’s been removed a few times, the holes will shift a few degrees which will look less professional.

When aluminum is used for the brakes you will experience no difference at all. Somehow, the aluminum hardens after repeated firing.


What happens when holes are made on top? 

In doing some tests, not having holes all around the brakes would affect the accuracy quite a bit. 

In some ways, it does something to the bullet as the air gets pushed ahead of the bullet thereby 

creating and unequal turbulence in the bullet box. Our guy did some tests and tried drilling a few 

holes in the brakes only on the top and from there he completed a few holes at the bottom as 

well and every time the accuracy improved.  

Why Muzzle Brakes Work Best When You Use High-Pressure Cartridges 

In a lot of ways, the higher the pressure of a particular round is, the more effective the brake. The 

220 Swift, which is considered the king of reduction, was used to check the accuracy of this 

theory. Fitted with a decent brake, the Swift only moved a ½ inch to the rear and resulted in a zero 

muzzle rise.  

madhouse design gun accessories experienced some ground breaking results with their triple-port muzzle brake 

range. Learn more by visiting

CrossFit Strength Training Strategies Will Never Die

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There is no mistaken that strength is the pillar of most actions and the foundation of every single act such as hitting mammoth 300 yards on your favorite golf course. Strength training is not just about building muscle, but enables you to lose weight faster, hit harder and run faster.

There is a way to cut through the usual BS associated with standard muscle building programs and join forces with guys like Evan Pflock (Evan’s new site), who is involved with CrossFit training.

Everybody’s busy, right? Who really tells another person how many hours they work per week or what time they get up in the morning. Time is in short supply. What we all need is a training program that we can stick to without too many workouts to perform or to take a lot of our time. is such as program. Once you afford yourself the privilege of witnessing a training program at your nearest CrossFit Affiliate facility, you’ll be hooked and want to join on the spot. That we can guarantee you. What is really sweet about training this way is that you do not waste any time getting going, and you are given 4 to 6 weeks basic training at some boxes to get used to performing exercises in a different way.

Your coach is with you all the way, and you have the support of your fellow trainees who egg you on to greater results every single time. One coach takes care of 12 people, two coaches will look after 24 people, and once the group reaches a maximum of 36 people, you will have three coaches standing by.

Every CrossFit facility has their rules of conduct posted on a wall somewhere. These rules are in part responsible for the resounding success of CrossFit facilities on a global scale. Thanks to the staff and fellow teammates upholding the philosophy associated with anything to do with CrossFit.

Welcome to Team CrossFit and Strength Exercise Programs

Once you join a CrossFit gym, you will soon experience an induction program that will teach you all the fundamentals associated with this superb and one of a kind training regime. Best of all, there are only a few essentials you need to keep in mind to make it through to a better you.

Some of these are common sense, such as fostering a good relationship with staff, and the outside world as a whole. Your coach will soon brief you on the various levels that generally consist of level one, two, three and Ninja level or Level 4.

You’ll soon enough realize that it isn’t just any training facility. Most Crossfitters find it to be a team approach to exercise, fitness, mobility, and good health. It is over here that you will encounter some of the best trainers, nutritionists, physical therapists around the U.S.

Training is the Name of the CrossFit Game

Extensive research, study and long hours of hard work went into establishing the training programs to ensure only the best WODs (Workout of the Day) is handed to you. We have yet to come across a trainee who can say they are bored. One such person has already been at it for three months and stated that not one single exercise routine was ever the same.

Most exercise routines start with a warm up session, then skill specific work or strength building to be followed by a group session involving timed training that runs for 20 minutes total. It ends with a 400-meter run and some warm-down exercises.

What are the Best Strength Building Exercises?

The shoulder press, bench press, deadlift and the squat are among the best strength building exercises, without a doubt. Rows and Chin ups are great too, but they shouldn’t be the key focus of your workout.

Remember this too that the Barbell is King, the dumbbell is queen, and any other equipment is regarded as the court jester as it has its place but is not as essential. It is recommended you start with the heaviest or most challenging exercises first, involving barbells while you are still fresh. Once you have it out of the way, you can concentrate on dumbbell and bodyweight training.

When you are involved in group training, you will do as many reps of any given exercise until the minute on the clock above you is up after which you will alternate with the rest of the group to perform another activity that is also timed for a minute. The group will repeat the process until the overall time given is up. In most cases it will be 20 to 30 minutes.

Evan Pflock is still part of CrossFit and loves the strength building capabilities it offer him and other Crossfitters. To follow Evan visit his fb profile here.

French style hotel in Normandy—Live in Style

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If one wants to take a break from the routine or monotonous world then the French style hotel in Normandy is the place that one should be. This is the perfect place to have a quick and relaxed holiday. The landscape in Normandy is pleasant green and rolling. From the waves of the English Channel to the green meadows there is a wide range of hotels to choose from. In Normandy there are even the best farmhouses, chic hotels and sea side resorts for the family. There are also the luxury retreats where one can spoil oneself.

Best place to stay in Normandy:

These have been selected by an expert and the hotels range from luxury to budget to boutique hotels.

  • Le Landemer: This is an isolated splendid hotel that has an accommodation that is top class. It has been given a rating of nine on a scale of ten. This hotel is perched right on the sea shore along a strip of sandy beach. The building has been around for a very long time and is set among well shaped lawns and beautiful hydrangea. It has a top class bar, restaurant and free Wi fi. There are ten guest rooms in the hotel with the most modern bathroom fittings.
  • Chateau le Cheneviere: this is a country house hotel that is very peaceful which is surrounded by magnificent trees and beautiful lawns. The chateau is set among walled grounds and well away from the main road. The chateau has thirty well done up rooms and the hotel has a look more of a boutique. The hotel has all the facilities like a swimming pool, tennis court, fitness center and a thirty six hole golf course. Each of the rooms has beautiful designed wall paper having a floral design. The spotless bathrooms have robes provided for the guests and with all the modern bathroom fittings. It has been given a rating of nine on a scale of ten


  • Le Manoir de Retival: this is a beautiful relaxed country house set on the edge of a pretty town in Normandy. This dates back to the eighteenth century but is now a beautiful done restaurant with rooms that are so serene complete with towers, antiques and family paintings. One will be swept off their feet with the staff service. In fact this is a great place for a wedding as there is a chapel close by and also has a ground for the ceremony. Each room has a TV and a DVD player and a whole lot of books. The double rooms have a small garden and the special suite has a lovely fire place. Each room is fitted with most modern bathroom fittings. It has been given a rating of eight on a scale of ten.
  • Le Flaubert: this is a quintessential French hotel near the seaside. It is in walking distance from the town and has its restaurant market and shops. Each room is fitted with comfortable furnishings and each room has large sea view balconies. The bathrooms are capacious and fitted with latest fittings.